Monday, March 9, 2009

33-weeks Notice

So I submitted my resignation, in accordance with regulations, to the Navy over 33 weeks ago. They have not yet decided whether or not I can go. I call every week to an ever senior office-holder within the Navy's personnel management system and still no answer. The Navy requires 9-12 months notice of resignation. Unfortunately for the separating servicemember, the Navy does not have any requirements for notification of approval or denial. I had no idea that it would take more than seven months to find out yes or no. The uncertainty, far more than the prospect of an unfavorable answer, is what is difficult to handle. The not-knowing makes it harder to make plans either way, staying or going. To compound matters, if I stay with the Navy, I'd have to move anyway due to BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure). My wife and I continue to plan as if we're getting out, though. This is half hope and half the need to pick a direction.