Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost Airstream Ready

Our apartment is practically empty because Lauren and I just finished loading up all our furnture and lamps and most of our clothes and dishes and pots and pans for the garage sale we're having with my cousins tomorrow in Austin. The garage sale means two great things for us. First, it means we're getting rid of tons of stuff. I don't know how we manage to accumulate in a one-bedroom apartment, but we do. So, it's good to get rid of the extra t-shirts and fancy single use kitchen appliances, though I did enjoy our Ikea furniture. 

The second great thing is that we're almost scaled down enough to move into our 1973 Airstream Safari. Our deadline is the end of this month, so we still have time to get rid of all this extra stuff. The Airstream's almost ready for us too. It's at the shop one last time for an upgrade to the gas lines, transformer, city water intake, the electric hitch, some carpentry and a new range and oven. And also a deep cleaning. 

I can't wait. It's going to be so good to be living light. We may cheat a bit at first with a storage unit or a friend's garage, but by the time we move to Austin, we'll be down to just the Airstream and the truck--no other storage. I'm down to old journals, my vintage camera and typewriter, old love letters, my ball glove from summer camp and hundreds of bike parts. There just isn't room so some of this will have to be downgraded from treasure to stuff-I-like. And stuff-I-like can go at the garage sale.