Tuesday, March 31, 2009


During SXSW Lauren and I visited family in Austin. Of course, we're not cool or smart enough to get tickets to SXSW, but we know people who are. At least we do now, because my cousin Kelly and her husband Henry introduced us to this awesome fellow-RVing couple, Emmy and Lex. Emmy's a writer and Lex's a photographer and they're adventuring the country together just doing cool stuff. K+H thought they'd have RV/trailer living tips and geez were they a wealth of info. Getting our trailer has been like getting a first car and a first house in one, and knowing nothing about either. Someone could tell me I needed a Q-36 explosive space modulator and, until I had searched a good while, I wouldn't realize I'd been had. Anyway, so Lexy and Emmy have great greenhorn stories and also turned us on to NuRVers to help guide our transition to A-ticket. Emmy and Lex, of course, had SXSW tix for their work and so that weekend we lived vicariously through their stories of travel and entrepreneurship and art. At least they blog so the vicarious living doesn't have to stop.