Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paying for Air

Today I was asked to pay the Air Force for air space. My jaw dropped. Why would the Navy pay the Air Force for air space. The Air Force doesn't own it and even if it did, why would one branch of the military pay another for something so trivial. Which brings me to how trivial air space is. I mean, we don't pay foreign countries to use their air space, even if it is a 'tactical zone.' It turns out, the fee is for 'programmatic costs' and scheduling. But that still doesn't explain why the government is paying itself for things. It's like a father giving his children allowances so they can negotiate for their mother's food at the dinner table. It's nonsense. And it's made even more ridiculous when you repeat the above analogy and replace food with air.

I'm ashamed to say I paid the fee. What? The mission was a bigger priority than my sensibilities. My only consolation is that the money we used, an 'accounting code' is just as much nonsense as the air space on our dinner plates.