Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Racing Post Submission

I just submitted a short essay for our team to Andy Hollinger at The Racing Post. When Andy introduced himself at the Lago Vista race last month, it was a real surprise because I've been reading his book, Hangin' On, and his posts on TXBRA. And it was an honor when, about 5 minutes before the start of the Cat IV race, he asked me to email him about an article in The Racing Post for Team ALS-C3. Here's an excerpt. You can read the entire essay here.

From this cauldron of gulf winds, chip sealed roads and four wheelers, we're churning out tough riders. To be sure, many of the fastest wheels here have been weaving between the refineries for years, for decades. We have pictures of them in bold, primary color jerseys on the wall of the bike shop sporting feather bangs beneath our city's iconic harbor bridge. And it's these old hands that put us through our paces, give us a wheel to hold, teach us to ride a proper paceline and teach us to enjoy our time in the wind. Because when every rider in the city is on your team, you're always pulling for a friend.