Monday, March 23, 2009

Rider's Block

Tomorrow I'll begin riding again. I haven't ridden for ten days because of a nagging injury I sustained foolishly riding underdressed in the freezing rain. So I went out and sprung for the knee warmers and some knickers. This is the third interruption to my training this season. In my winter base building I took off time for inflamation after never ever stretching, which I do now. At the beginning of the season I had to take off a little over a week after crashing in a slick turn on a morning training ride. I now ride with fresher tires and I don't push the turns unnecessarily in training. I sure wish there was another way to take advice other than to have it literally pounded into me by the pavement or the rain. 

So, I'll be skipping the Ft. Davis Hammerfest in the West Texas mountains next month after having just skipped the Fayetteville stage race this past weekend. I hope to begin racing road races again in June. Lauren and I'll be up in Austin by then and it'll be easier to travel to the starting lines. The stage races, what I've romanticized forever, will have to wait another year. But, next year, I'm hoping to add the Tour de Gila and perhaps some others.