Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We cannot at this date...

I wasn't accepted to UT's Community and Regional Planning (CRP) master's program for this fall. Or at least I wasn't accepted right now--I'm on the waiting list. I'm disappointed because I was really looking forward to getting into that program. I mean, check out these electives:
Community Development 
Deep Democracy
Designing Digital Communities
Environmental Impact
Growth Management
Historic Preservation Practice
Housing Demand and Production
Housing in Latin America
International Sustainable Social Development
International Transportation Issues
Metropolitan Transportation Studies
Natural Resource and Environmental Planning
Neighborhood Transportation Planning
Sustainable Urban Economic Development Planning
The Built Environment and Public Health
Topics in Sustainable Development
Transit-Oriented Development
Transportation, Environment and Health
Urban Environmental Analysis
Urban Politics Seminar
Urban Poverty and Community Development Seminar
Urban Public Places
Urban Transportation
Water Resource Planning

We're still moving to Austin, though, and now our focus is more on full time work rather than on jobs that won't conflict with grad school, which, admittedly, is actually a freedom.  I'm still on the waiting list with UT until May 1st when they'll make their final decision, which is hopeful.  I really want to study this stuff. Ever since I wrote a paper in high school on how school design affects learning I've wanted to be involved in public design decisions. When I began cyclocommuting to the ship in Norfolk, that desire focused to the design of community transportation systems. And while I'm not sure whether I want to work directly in this field, I definitely wanted to formally study in it. We'll see if I get that chance at UT. My wife made a really good suggestion, though, and that is to just create my own formal study program. So, look for the development of that to unfold in future posts.