Monday, April 6, 2009

2nd night in the Stream

Every day in the Airstream is like an episode of Mythbusters. Today, for example, I learned how cozy is this aluminum burrito. I'd thought that with the small space I'd want to head out on the bike more or to the library or work longer or visit a friend's... But it reminds me of the writer's cabin at Prin (or what the writer's cabin at Prin would have reminded me of had I ever been inside). It's very "your warm milk is ready, Sir." It's very cat-in-your-lap. It's very shoulder blanket by an open window. And so I find myself wanting to snuggle up in here with a leftover bean taco and a could-be friend's self-published novel rather than go riding.

I expect I'll soon strike a balance between inside and out of the trailer. I miss the bike already. But, to make matters worse, the tortillas they use for these tacos are like pancakes. They wrap dinner in breakfast with these tortillas; they wrap a hiking trip in a spa weekend; they wrap Billy Joel in Billie Holiday. They wrap a Remington in an O'Keefe.

They're a delicious balance. And Taqueria Almeida's artful balancing act between I'm-here-to-do-business and I'm-here-to-party has inspired me to go ride with a burrito in my pocket.

(Principia's Writer's Cabin)