Friday, April 3, 2009

Bike fitting

Today I had a "power fit" with Zane Castro at Jack and Adams Bicycles in Austin. This was an amazing 2-hour process that started with specific measurements of my feet, inseam, shoulders, and torso. Then he measured all the position settings on my bike. From there he observed me riding and measured my cadence and power output and the efficiency of my pedal stroke.

The precision of his measurements and the data he was able to generate and illustrate on my pedal stroke was amazing. He would move my seat by millimeters and we'd notice major differences in power and efficiency. He made similar adjustments to the cleats on my shoes. And he surprisingly raised my handlebar height--this made it more comfortable for me to bend my arms and stay in that position. I assumed he would lower my handlebars to make me more aggressive.

I'm feeling really good about the rest of the season. I'm recovered from all the crashes and injury and feeling really healthy. My bike is totally tuned and fit and clean. I've got great coaching and a great team and I feel really strong when I ride the club rides. I just want to get more consistent in my training before I head back out to race again in June.