Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moon water

Today, Lauren and I got the city water inlet fixed on our Airstream, A-ticket. Through a dance of gaskets and hoses and regulators we finally made it work and now our water runs smooth and with consistent pressure. When we were using the reservoir and water pump, our faucets stuttered and sputtered like they were about to confess.

The only problem is that now our water tastes very plasticky--like a new shower curtain married a tarp and had a bumper sticker, which grew up and fell in love with a water bottle, but instead married a styrofoam cup. The water tastes awful. I made some pasta tonight and it was like they were boiled in hotel spa water. They tasted like going down a water slide on your tongue. It was like an iodine burp in a diving helmet. It was like drinking from a water bottle you found in a time capsule.

Anyway, we're not sure if we just need to run the tap a while and flush it out or if maybe a filter will do the trick. Our neighbor one pad to the north, an Army retiree, uses a massive filter the size of a scuba tank. I'll have to ask him about it tomorrow.