Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"More on bikes and social media"

Just read this great blog post "More on bikes and social media" from Josh Kadis. His concluding paragraph is the most poignant:
Expanding on the idea of a collective knowledge, I’d add that many of us experience cycling almost as a set of secrets passed from person to person. It’s a culture based on one person teaching another, which makes it a perfect application for tools that simply amplify the reach of interactions like the ones I used to have with Sheldon Brown. Not every cyclist can receive personal advice from probably the most famous bicycle mechanic in history, but through social media every cyclist can share experiences with Levi Leipheimer, DL Byron, and everyone else who rides a bike.
I specifically remember when I started riding consistently with my local club and asking one of the stronger riders why he kept all his spare tubes and cartridges in his pockets instead of using a saddlebag. There's just no rules for this stuff--there's only preferences and lessons learned. I love Josh's analogy of a set of secrets passed from person to person. It's so crucial to get in with other cyclists so you can learn those secrets. Now that I'm twittering, it'll be interesting to see how that enhances my in-person cycling education.