Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving out

Leaving an apartment makes me think of breaking up with a girl--it's easier if you find something to hate. And tonight, after loading up the car, I stepped in someone's dog's leavings. Ugh, I could've just hated the feng shui. So we're really doing it. We're moving into the Airstream. Right now it's parked on our pad over at the base RV park and we've been making midnight runs emptying our apartment. The repair shop held onto the 'ol girl an extra month, which gave us very little (one night) prep time to get things moved out. Well, we're almost done and then begins another culling of stuff while we find places for everything we've brought. I'm amazed at how much we still have. We got rid of all our furniture, half our clothes, most of our pots and pans... Still there's stuff. Pictures, Christmas cards, spare cycling shoes, fridge door notes, our little dog's kennel, bedside lamps, bikes, bike parts.

I'm so stoked to make this move because it forces me to reexamine what I need and want and it exposes how much I have and don't even realize. I'm always amazed at how easy it is to consider a simple memento a keepsake, when really it's something that should be enjoyed and then shared or shrown in the trash.