Saturday, April 25, 2009

A new group ride is like a first date

I was struck this morning by how much a new group ride is like a first date: I find a group online and if they look attractive and healthy, I make plans to spend some time with them on the weekend. I pick out my best outfit and shave my legs. We meet downtown at one of their favorite places, surrounded by friends, and start some small talk. After a bit we leave so they can show me some lovely neighborhoods and we continue our conversation. We enjoy a brief meal and then the group shrinks to a more intimate size. They show me beautiful new places; I flex my muscles and show them some thigh. After about a couple hours I even feel some tingling...down there (of course, that's likely due to the constant pressure on my perineum). After we've spent the morning together, I go home and tell all my friends about it and then write in my journal.