Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Texting at work

When Lauren and I decided to ditch our iPhones last year in favor of no frills candybar talk boxes, I never set up my voice mail. I kept meaning to do it, but when I realized how much I loved not checking messages I just left it off. But my office, which runs 24/7, often needs to reach me outside of business hours and it's difficult for them to catch me when I'm actually carrying my phone. So I told them to just text me if they needed anything.

After the budget cuts I set it up so that the maintenance department, which does much of its work at night, needed approval on every order. This meant that they'd need to reach me outside of business hours far more often. And it's totally worked like a charm. Like tonight, after my ride, I had this little gem waiting for me in my jersey pocket:
This is SK2 X. Maintenance is requesting to order a part for aircraft 06. It is an actuator that costs $12,793. Please advise:-)

I just now caught that emoticon. So clearly my folks are already texting at work. They might as well be texting work stuff and texting me. I love how we are using the existing technology instead of applying some annoying proprietary process that no one knows. Trust me. I know how behind the times I am, but I totally feel like a hacker. I feel like that software guy that Mathew Broderick goes to see in War Games that teaches him about a "back door" to the program.