Saturday, April 4, 2009

Riding Austin Rollers

Today's riding was great. I rode from my aunt & uncle's place in West Austin to my cousin's place downtown and back. And then I rode with my cousin from his folks place to our grandpa's new place in North Austin. I spent a total of three hours on the bike, the whole time over and under these long Austin rolling hills like a buoy tracing heavy storm waves. On the way to my cousin's place, though, the whole family met up at Zuzu's for a solid enchilada sit-down.

My wife has a favorite quote by Teiga: "To the right, books; to the left, a tea-cup. In front of me, the fireplace; behind me, the post. There is no greater happiness than this." This was how I felt today with the family at lunch. I was in the middle of a ride, still in my bibs and jersey, sitting on the wire patio chairs and sharing an enchilada plate with wife, discussing Ikea furniture with my cousin. And I had my cousin and g-pa's place ahead of me. My family, a good ride, an Austin patio and enchiladas..."there is no greater happiness than this."

And grandpa's new digs are super posh. It's not simply that everything is new and fancy, which is nice, but it's that everything is laid out well and in such a way that you're encouraged to use it. An inviting and comfortable courtyard. A warm and deep cushioned library. And the views from his place are crazy, roller coaster views.

I finished the night around the table with my family again, this time with a masala, hummus, tapenade, salsa mashup. Today was like the hills I was riding. Family, riding, food, family, riding, food. "There is no greater happiness than this."