Sunday, May 3, 2009


That's the ratio of number of windows in this Airstream to square feet. Or 1 window for every 22.5 square feet. Right now I'm just pacing around trying to figure out which is my most absolute favorite place in this old girl. It's like I'm backstage at an Aeolus concert and Boreas just invited me up on stage and now I'm sharing a mic with Notus and Zephyrus just kicked over an amp right next to me and after the show, Eurus made me a necklace from his lucky pick. 

Have you ever punched a hole in the top of a juice can only to have the juice barely dribble out and then your dad shows you the miracle of the second hole, the air hole? I feel like I've spent my whole life before A-ticket with just one hole in the can. When Lauren and I moved in here it's like everything just rushed in, like someone handed me the keys to my life with a full tank of gas.

I love seeing our home from a distance gleaming like a robot wink. And I love how easy it is to put everything away. And I love the built-in reading lights. And I love that my pad is aerodynamic even when it's parked. And I love that everything has its place. We're totally life hackers--I'm worried we're going to get caught for being so awesome.

When Lauren and I were still in college and she'd go home to visit her family in California, every time I was driving I'd imagine just turning the wheel and heading west. Just going, you know. And one time I did and it was the best trip ever and it was the first time I ever saw the Pacific ocean. Now we're married and we're both behind the wheel and we can turn it any direction and head out where ever we want, because we're grown ups and we live in Hughes' H-1 Racer.