Thursday, May 14, 2009

An incredible day

Today, on my ride through Flour Bluff and Corpus Christi's exurban south side, an off-duty police officer directing traffic for a lodge event stepped out into the road in front of me. He crossed his arms under his blond mustache and chuckled at the adorable antiquity of a bicycle on his road. "You've got about fifty cars behind you." He said. "Why don't you pull over and let them pass." The novelty of a police officer out of his armored car, wearing a reflective vest instead of riot gear, was so disarming that I forgot to choose to be offended.

And my ride was great. Not only did I not appreciably lose any fitness from taking off this week for my wisdom tooth, but I'm noticeably faster having shed that excess tooth weight.

Then, when I got home I found an email from Andy Hollinger in my inbox, responding to my review of his book:
You’ve made me feel wonderful … thanks … what is your snail mail address so I can mail a signed copy of Changin’ Gears … you’ll recognize more people and races …

And, as I started this blog, another:
Or drop by a WNC so we can meet again and I’ll comp you in and give you a book

I'm not sure what a WNC event is. I hope it's a race. Regardless, I'm totally stoked.

To top that off, Lauren and I have been planning for a while to polish A-ticket. There's so much gouge on the internet on how to do it, but we think we like this suggestion. Thing is, to polish an Airstream, you really need buffers and grinders and, well, we don't. So I asked a friend on the team, who also builds boats, if he knew a good place to rent these tools. Turns out he has them and offered to lend them to me.

Roland Heiler, managing director of Porsche Design wrote of the Airstream, "Placing a vehicle with a reflective surface in the landscape mirrors the beauty of what's around it." In the last 36 years since Wally Byam put the final rivet in A-ticket, her makeup has smeared a bit, a saltwater smudge on her aluminum cheek. So, if we can get our act together, we'll polish up the 'ol girl for our trip out to Sedona and Flagstaff and heading west like Samson Carrasco riding from La Mancha to bring home Don Quixote.