Thursday, May 7, 2009

A not-so clever ruse

A Sailors' wife, wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and aviator sunglasses and towing her baseball team of children, came into my workcenter today requesting us to ship a package to her husband deployed to the desert. She had an already sealed box that was supposed to contain study materials and clothes. Mrs. Sailor claimed that the Post Office tried to charge her $180 to have the box delivered within 3 months, but her husband needed his study materials and clothes sooner.

A quick search revealed that the Post Office would have in fact only charged $40 and guaranteed delivery within 10 days. She then downgraded the Post Office in her story to the grocery store mailing center. I printed out the shipping quote and advised her to take it to the Post Office. After she left with the team, I saw the quote laying on our shop counter.

To her credit, I was so bamboozled that she almost got away with her no-so clever ruse. I'm still debating whether the tie-dye helped or hurt her cause.