Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter and Blog

I've been twittering for a few months now and have really gotten into it. A lot of my friends here in Corpus use it and I also follow interesting bike and Airstream tweets from people I admire. So, the twitter premise totally holds for me:
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?
And it's made me think more about my blog. Between my personal, family and team blogs I've made nearly 300 posts this year and I began to wonder to what end.

So I read through older blog posts and really started to get how awesome blogging is. My best friends and most of my family read my blog and so they are all more up to date on my life than they ever have been before. This is because I'm far more vain than I am considerate, so I'm more likely to publish my success than call my mom to tell her about it.

The blog is also an inside joke/story factory. Our family blog carries on our own family stories and creates new ones. Lauren posted some pictures the other day of flowers she'd brought home and later, when she visited my grandpa, the first thing he said was "yellow flowers." My aunt + uncle went on a brief holiday and read my family post about raccoons with a tongue-in-cheek exasperation.

What's more, the blog is also a diary. Looking back at all three of my blogs, I was delighted to remember race results, short vacations and important-at-the-time rants. It's like a time capsule in the cloud.

The blog facilitates a dialogue with my friends and family and also with my a-few-minutes-ago self. It's like a rudder for my opinion--like a good liar, I can now remember all the stories I've told. But it's also this fantastic sounding board for when Lauren's too tired to hear another rail against football or the military-industrial complex or auto manufacturers or how smart I think I am. And on more than one occasion, what started out in a post has continued on in the group ride with good friends.

That's all. I'm just really impressed with this medium. The ability to stay in touch, develop ideas, journal and scrapbook is really something. Even more so if it's sustainable.