Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best worst life; worst best life

This afternoon Lauren and I pulled into an RV park on the east side of Roswell, NM. There's a stockpile of fertilizer two blocks south and our black water connections continue to confound so right now it smells like shit inside and outside our home. We think little Marlowe is allergic to corn (and beef because cows are fed corn), but there's no dog food in Roswell without corn and he hasn't eaten all day so we're poisoning our dog. We don't have jobs, but the Navy keeps calling me and asking me for expense reports. Our truck needs a new catalytic converter so, even though we're safe to tow back to Texas, we're polluting the whole way there. I'm a prius-owning, cyclocommuting, latte sipping, blogging, vegetarian for Pete's sake--I can't be driving the whole southwest in an over-polluting Suburban. My wife's concerned with her gum graft and orthodontic work and with the consequences from eating out almost twice a day for three weeks. We can't figure out where to send our check to the IRS. And, if that wasn't enough, tonight, when I took out the trash, it leaked all over the floor and Marlowe's dog bed. I don't even know what was leaking. I almost forgot, we just ran out of propane so we're eating cold chili and taking cold showers.

We wanted to feel sorry for ourselves, but then we realized that we're out of the Navy, travelling the American Southwest with a classic Airstream in tow. It's just me and my wife and my dog and we're visiting with friends and family along the way. I don't ever have to deploy again. I'm riding stronger than ever and getting chances to ride extended climbs at altitude. Today, we ate green chile apple pie in storied Pie Town, NM. We're on our way to a race that I have a strong shot at winning. After that we're heading to Austin where we can do whatever we want. Lauren's got a queue of design clients waiting; I've got a world of opportunities ahead and, for the first time, job experience. I'm becoming increasingly handy and resourceful learning how to fix and maintain this old Airstream. The cold chili I have to eat tonight is organic and vegetarian. Also, as stinky as this park may be, we've got super fast wifi, which means hulu tonight.

We almost got down and glum, but then realized we have the best life ever with just enough adversity to remind us. There's really nowhere else I'd rather be right now. On my ride tonight I rode past the UFO museum and research center on main street in Roswell. This afternoon I ate spinach and mushroom enchiladas in a gallery/cafe in Capitan, NM. My wife, for all her self consciousness, is even more beautiful in the desert sun, when her freckles come out and her hair reddens. And my dog, who'd been left at the pound twice before we found him has been playing in alpine creeks and hanging his head out the window on Arizona's back highways.

Oh, and I have leftover pie from the Daily Pie Cafe in Pie Town.