Friday, June 26, 2009

Cruise Control

Holy smokes! Our truck has cruise control. We've driven over 2,000 miles this trip and I had no idea. On those long Texas and Arizona stretches I could have been using cruise control the whole time had I only known. How did I not know, you ask? Well, when I asked the dealer, he categorically told me this truck did not have cruise control. Actually, it has such effective cruise control that previous owners used it until the labels rubbed off the switches.

I found it today quite on accident. While fidgeting with dials and switches I was making fun of both country and Christian music and commented on Carrie Underwood's song Jesus Take the Wheel, when it seemed as if Jesus did in fact take the wheel, or at least the pedal. We have only 200 miles left of this trip to use it, but it's like getting picked up from daycare: it doesn't matter how late your folks are, once they arrive you're grateful they're there at all.