Thursday, June 18, 2009

Entertaining in the Airstream

My grandpa told me of how, when he and my grandma were first starting out, they could only afford two of everything. Two spoons, two bowls, two cups, two mugs. Very Noah-esque. Which could have made entertaining very difficult. Grandpa explained that when they invited someone over for coffee, they'd serve their guests and when asked why they weren't also drinking, my grandma would reply, "oh we just had some right before you came over." Tonight was our first time to entertain in the Airstream and grandpa's story came straight to mind.

We also only have two forks, two spoons, etc. But we (Lauren really) were serving four guests. So we asked them to bring some of their own cutlery and then we got creative with plates and bowls. Lauren was even prepared to ask our neighboring RVers, which I thought was clever. The meal was a hit. Everyone had a good time. And as it turns out, not surprisingly, your ability to carry on a conversation is far more important than your ability to furnish matching plates and bowls. Because while they may have the latter, you can't ask your neighbors for the former.