Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Picture Post!

We've made it to Sedona! We're staying at the totally legit Rancho Sedona RV Park and we're already hooked up in the shade with water and wifi and a pizza on the way. The trip out was a blast. It took us four days of driving, site camping and dry camping and has been the best road trip of my life. Details on all my screw-ups to come later. For now, pictures!

A particularly festive West Texas Fina station vignettes us nicely during a quick stop for gas.

I'm not always a fan of heavy-handed street art, but this stencil on a wall in Roswell, NM just hit me in the right spot. Survive indeed.

The Meece catching some air on the canyon trip from Flagstaff to Sedona.

A-ticket doing what she does best, reflecting the beauty around her. Here she is staring at the sky over the Pecos River Canyon.

Our first night was at the TripleR RV Resort in Crystal City, TX. I just got such a kick out of this crooked cabana by our site. Really nice park by the way.