Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting the band back together

Lauren's back from Dallas with Marlowe and our house is full again. In celebration of their return I prepared a Kid's Night of delivery pizza and Castle on Hulu. Of course Kid's Night coincides with another celebration, an ancient celebration, I like to call doing whatever I like whenever I like. As these celebrations aren't universally recognized, I typically nest them within others, like converted forest dwellers celebrating Christmas on Firry Tree Day.

The pizza was delivered by none other than John Turturo. I know, very unlikely, but true. He must be studying for a role. Since there were no other witnesses, though, the sighting doesn't earn a patch on my celebrity sash alongside Ben Stein, Kelly Ripa and Penelope Trunk.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. All this celebration is made possible by crisp air conditioning, bright lights, steady and clean and pressure-regulated water and level ground. The sweet amenities of a proper RV Park. That's right, I waited 'til yesterday's landlord ran an errand and then stole out of there like an aluminum horse thief. I would have explained myself face-to-face, but I'm a green-gold extrovert and I just don't roll like that. I chose over-the-phone instead, like breaking up in junior high. This means, some of the Sidewalk's readers will be glad to know, that I never did run wire through the attic or contribute to any other appreciable property improvements.

Old Man Coyote told me that he was going to have the 30-amp power ready any day now and that he was running a closer water spigot and widening the fence, but all I could think of was: Who's shamed for fool me thrice? So, this new place is complete with full, reliable hookups, pool, hot tub, dog run for the Meece, shady trees, horse shoes and shuffle board. Part of me is bummed that I gave up on the opportunity for adventure, but that's the same part of me that used a real fire as an opportunity to pull fire alarms all over my college dorm. Indeed the same part of me that got my truck stuck in a New Mexican runaway truck ramp out of curiosity. In fact, the same part of me that had to hitchhike home half a day later after hopping a train that went much farther and faster than my eyeball estimates.

I'm learning to mitigate the influence of that part of me. Tonight, that mitigation is manifested in pizza full bellies, a cool home and my little dog burying his monochromatic rods and cones into the folds of his bed.