Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reclaimed Space

I interviewed today with Austin company Reclaimed Space. They reuse old building material, "reclaimed and repurposed" to make these rockin' casitas. I met with the co-founders at their office/construction warehouse in East Austin for the interview which quickly evolved into a sales strategy jam session. I really hope I get the job.

I've sold bikes and knives before but if I get this job I feel like I need to buy a fedora, valise and a book of train tickets. Like I need to practice the Minuet in G. Very Music Man. The product really resonates, though. They start responsibly, build beautiful right-sized and efficient homes and then finish with absurdly little waste. The homes are built to last. I toured one today that had been moved five times and it looked like it'd just been built. A total defiance of planned obsolescence. The floor plans are wide open with gorgeous features like polished concrete countertops and corrugated tin interior walls.

There's no apologies or fine print throughout the whole process. Very Cradle to Cradle. It's like the business was Search Engine Optimized for my soul. The entire operation is meta-tagged and keyworded for the last three years of my life.

In Monaco every rooftop had patios or a garden and I thought, why don't we have that back home. In Paris the buses have a lower decibel horn for pedestrians and cyclists and I thought, why don't we have those back home. In Pie Town, NM they put green chiles and pine nuts in their apple pie and I thought, why don't we do this back home. I felt the same way touring this Dolce-Thoreau Hill Country condo. Finally, finally we have this back home.