Saturday, July 25, 2009


Perhaps the best thing about being back in Texas, back in Austin, is the TexMex. I love New Mexican green chiles and I gladly abide the corn and lettuce and goat cheese in Cali's FreshMex, but nothing beats straight cheese and onions wrapped in a fried corn tortilla topped with more cheese and served with a side of melted cheese.

I'm especially grateful having just returned from Boston. Three enchiladas at attention, sides of beans and rice and I'm good to go, but there's something wrong with the way they do it in New England. All the ingredients are there, but it's like they were assembled by committee. It's as if my refried pinto beans petitioned the kitchen to be served next to the rice, just edging out a bowl of boracho beans, which have appealed the decision. The enchiladas, in their contract, require that they be served with a garnish of diced tomatoes and are known to strike, strictly refusing to be served at all, if this condition isn't met.

I like to call Boston Mexican food UnionMex.