Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BMX, freedom and starlight (let video load first)

BMX WORLDS 2009 VIDEO from on Vimeo.

If you ride, you'll enjoy this whole video. If you don't, maybe you won't, but listen until you hear the music a bit. It's consistent through the whole short flick until the end where the dreamy electric guitar crescendos to celebrate the two riders, ascending the ramp together, both rotating 360, one over the other. It's amazing.

But I like it for the music. Bmx quarterpipe and flatland stunts to an electric instrumental add garage drums. The 20" rims are an icon of childhood and so is the recklessness. And the guitar smooths over all of the crashes that we know must hurt, so that we see only the beauty and the freedom, the perfect lines connecting.

My mom bought me a blue "BMX" brand bike with a blue quilted seat when I was in the first grade. For a year I tried to ride it and couldn't. She advised me that my grandpa taught himself to ride by going uphill so that when he crashed it was at slower speed. That's how I remember the explanation anyway. Of course he did, but it didn't work for me. That summer, at a birthday party for my big sister's friend, I got a push on a borrowed bike so I wouldn't be left out. Whenever I stopped I needed another push so I tried not to stop.

There's something absolutely complete about a bicycle. Cyclists aren't Luddites, they're connoisseurs of human genius, aficionados of mankind's limitless soul. As fast and far as cars and trains and rocketpacks may take us, they'll never free us like a bicycle will. A bicycle is a balanced equation, catching your breath and catching your step; it is the message that starlight travels millions of light years to give: I'm here for you to wonder. Be wonderful, ride a bike today.