Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fixed the fridge!

Since we have had the Airstream, there has been a problem with the fridge. The lower door, the refrigerator door, was bowed out at the bottom which prevented a proper seal and the kind of fridge temps you want when living in an Airstream. But our fridge is old and expensive to replace so we've dealt with it for the better part of a year while we searched for a solution.

Recently, we threw our hands in the air and, during a trip to Boston, we asked an RV repair shop to take a look at it. They quoted us $700 to replace the door, which they wouldn't guarantee would work any better, and $1,700 to replace it. We couldn't afford either option and so we kept looking. Finally, a phone called revealed a refurbished door at the factory and it just arrived today.

After initial panic, we had to swap hinges and handles and forgo slight door storage, but the new door fits like a glove, an airtight glove that keeps your hand fresh and cold. And by hand I mean food.

Final price tag on the repair: $63.50.

I'm not sure what this experience taught us. Maybe it's that we're not as helpless as we'd thought. Maybe it's that if none of our options feel right, we should hold out for a better one. I do know that if we'd had the cash, we'd have forked it over to the repair shop. So maybe the lesson from this is that instead of lamenting our problems, we should look to each other for the solution.