Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vote Russ

My friend Russell Simon is running for Santa Fe, NM city council. So, if you happen to be in Santa Fe early next year, perhaps enjoying some enchiladas at La Choza, I recommend you get some ink on your finger for Russell Simon.

Russ and I went to school together, travelled together and briefly worked together at a boarding school on Martha's Vineyard. It was at this school I learned the following piece of, I believe, telling trivia. I was teaching a Japanese student ESL and he was only somewhat engaged in the phonics lessons. So Russ and I recorded a bunch of mp3 tracks for the kid to listen to and practice out of the classroom. The recording software I used showed our two voices as waves and mine was consistently a loose drawling sine wave. Russ' looked more like an EKG. Crisp, staccato, precise.

His voice is indicative of his character: clear and decided. He is measured and rational as an isosceles triangle. His platform follows from his thought; it is product of his policy process. Too often candidates issue a platform as patchwork proxy--a litmus checklist, soundbytes to heal the world. I like the way Russ thinks, but more importantly I like that he does think, that he's concerned with how exactly to affect the needed change candidates only pretend to disagree on.

But really, all you need to know is that he reads the Sidewalk.