Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motoring is cowardice

We drive not because it's more convenient, but because we're afraid...of everything. Of seeing and touching and interacting with each other. We're afraid of the weather. We're afraid of our selves, our own bodies, our frailty and fitness. We're afraid we can't plan, that we'll need to bring something big home or go somewhere far, run an extra errand. We're rightly afraid our own community won't support us, can't support us, and so we drive to another. We're afraid we're going to be late.

Driving is an act of fear and so is continuing to drive, furthering our dependence on an outmoded, unsustainable, dangerous and destructive paradigm. And walking or cycling, or starting to, is an act of courage. It's de-escalation from our vehicular arms race. That is, we won't walk or ride unless our neighbors do...because we're afriad to, afraid we'll get hit or marginalized by other motorists, afraid that our motoring neighbors are, again, prioritizing their false sense of urgency over their humanity and our safety.

Be brave. Be human. Walk.