Sunday, November 29, 2009

some thanksgiving

I almost forgot to be thankful this Thanksgiving, which is awful considering how much I have to be thankful for. I'll be as brief as possible.

I'm grateful for:

-A wife that understands when I bungle the electricity in our home, leaving us darker than the cliffs of dover during a luftwaffe raid, on thanksgiving eve
-An aunt & uncle with DWR and wallpaper guide accommodations who leave a light on and a stew on and some homemade granola out
-A grandpa that helps me laugh it off with stories of even grander disaster
-A mom that doesn't entirely discourage a Lord Henry Wotton attitude and who never fails, in all that I do, to see cream rising to the top
-Cousins who read and ride and eat nothing but vegetables, speak the languages of ikea and cyclo-militance and teach their children from an early age to pronounce my dog's name
-A dad who rises, 'neath a costumed reclaimed taxidermy, from his own personal episode of Outbreak to brave dallas event-traffic for a brief visit with Lauren and me
-A permacultured stepmom who knows more about the holistic and hemp'd happenings of my new hood than I do
-Grand inlaws who offer funny papers' pedigrees and veggie quesadillas before I can imagine to ask
-A mom & dad of the bride who love to board game, let me win and laugh at my jokes like they owe me money
-A sister-iL who doesn't mind sunday morning baking or late-night ice cream runs
-Another sister-iL who doesn't mind thanksgiving for 5 turning into thanksgiving for 14
-Brothers and sisters who carry on our family traditions and fill in the blanks when we didn't have one and wait for lauren and me before starting on thirds

Finally, I'm grateful that I get to be around enough that nieces and nephews know who I am.