Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love "I Love the Yeti"

I Love the you don't have to is maybe the coolest blog ever. The author, a self-proclaimed not-cryptozoologist, observes, catalogs and archives pop-culture portrayals of the Yeti.

Like anything so uber-specific, it's only cool/hilarious when it's repeated hundreds of times and for years. Check and check. This blog is brilliant. I know what you're thinking, "If he's been doing this for years, how can I possibly catch up on all the Yeti wonderfulness I've missed?" Not a problem. Just this week, he posted a welcome and explanation for all new readers. This is your chance!

To put this in terms of tech stocks, reading this blog now is like investing in Apple after the iMac, but before the iPod. Here's a highlight:
There has also, and this is interesting to me, been more and more depictions of yeti rendering him in a highly stylized, abstracted manner. Less discernible ape-like features. More like a hulky blob-man. Cutesy, you could call it. Totoro-esque, if you know the reference. I call this new yeti the Ablobinable Snowman.
So follow it, google-read it, save it to faves, peep it at work, just make sure you get you some Yeti.