Thursday, January 28, 2010

iBummer or iPad, brought to you by SkyMall

The new iPad, which probably should have been called the iTab, is pretty useless. It doesn't replace your laptop or your iPhone, it just adds one more mobile device that needs to be charged.

Admittedly, the touch screen is amazing, or it was amazing when it came out three years ago on the iPhone. Now it's just bigger. The iPad seems to be an entire platform built around this one technology. With the iPad, Apple's trying to create a market for a product where there's no need for one. The iPhone was a better phone. The Macbooks were better laptops. The iPods were better Walkmen. But what's the iPad? A better iPod touch? A better Kindle? What's it good for, watching videos on a screen larger than your iPod but smaller than your laptop? The iPad is just another unnecessary, single-purpose product, like the margarator or the swim current generator or the soda maker kit.

Without a keyboard, the iPad is pretty useless for creating anything. Watching the keynote demonstration of creating a presentation on the iTab all I could think of was the Onion's prophetic spoof, the Macbook Wheel.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

The new iTab seems designed only to consume media, not to create anything, which is a real bummer because other Apple products are so optimized for content creation. It's just sad to see talent and genius aspiring to its own lampooning.