Friday, February 19, 2010

Early Voting

Early voting is extended in Travis County through February 26th, which is good, because it's taken me until today to finally decide who I'm voting for. I'm writing in, for every office, the love child of Native Odessan Liz Lambert and Los Angelino Hernan Montenegro.

The former is indisputably the hippest hotelier west of the Mississippi. Her South Austin Hotel San Jose is like Conrad Hilton's Be My Guest, George Plimpton's Paper Lion and Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine all reading each other in a literary massage circle. And as if everything you've ever dreamed of being swaddled in organic cotton by the southwestern zen concept pool isn't enough, Liz also brought us Thunderbird, El Cosmico, Marfa Records, Jo's Coffee, Saint Cecilia and Havana.

And Hernan. Well, this is Hernan:

Bridging the Gap Vol.1 from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

That's right, HerMon rides fixed across LA with his jump rig on his back and then kills it on the dirt. By the way, thank you Ocote Soul Sounds and Dorthy Ashby for that soundtrack.

If I had to guess what their baby'd look like, and this is purely hypothetical, I'd have to go with one of these cuties. Baby with laser eyes gets my vote every time.