Monday, April 26, 2010

Conference Call

A scamming Search Engine Optimization company weasled their way on to our phone bill with AT&T here at work. This kind of stuff is a bummer, but typically, after a few phone calls, you can usually get it all cleared out and go about your day.

Not today. The weasels agreed to refund the charges, but only two of the three AT&T sent with our bill--the weasels claimed no knowledge of charge number three. So I asked if they would conference call with AT&T and they were more than willing to prove their thieves' honor.

But AT&T refused the conference call. I asked for a supervisor and was told they were all at lunch. I asked for another department and was told the representative had access to no other departments. The weasel hung up so I could get a straight answer, but no resolution was forthcoming. AT&T claimed the only option I had was to resolve the matter with the weasels.

After a few more phone calls, AT&T agreed to remove the third charge. At least, in this case, the third-party scammers were willing to have a conversation. And the mistake was ultimately found to rest with AT&T. It makes you wonder who's the greater weasel.