Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuff and new place

We're getting settled into our new place. After moving from the trailer 4 months ago, we've just moved again, this time about a mile closer to work and downtown. Counting it up, this will be the 8th place Lauren and I've lived since we married in 2005. 9th if you count RV parks we stayed at for at least 4 months.

Moving definitely gets easier, but geez is it tough. As difficult as it can be, though, there are two huge wonderful benefits to moving. The first is a fresh start. A new setting means you can do things differently. Go to bed earlier. Pray/run/ride in the morning. Get to know your neighbors this time. Organize your space better from the start. Each move brings with it pocketfuls of New Year's resolutions.

The second benefit to moving is getting rid of stuff. No matter how small your space, you hide things from yourself. When you have to carry everything you own you naturally want to own less. And when I'm filling a perfectly clean and beautifully empty space with all my stuff, it pains me to see the new place fill up so quickly with things I value less than the open space. Do I want this thing? Yes. Do I want this thing here, in my way? No.

After spending nearly a year in the trailer, you'd think we'd have very little. And we did. But in only four months in a slightly larger space, we began to accumulate. This quick little move will be a nice little haircut for all our stuff.