Thursday, May 13, 2010

Windows on my Mac

I've always known it was possible, but until now I've never had reason to actually run Windows on my Mac. I'm up and running with Vista via Parallels 5. With this I can see all my websites in Internet Explorer 7/8 as if on a PC without ever having to leave my Mac. I was using a little Toshiba laptop to get that real PC flavor, but now I get it all on the same iMac screen--so great for ensuring cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

The action is a little slow. If you drag a window around, it's a little jerky. But I'm not working in Windows, just checking my work. It does make me wonder about the utility of using this software to run memory heavy Windows programs on the Mac. There's likely some settings for that. But really, for me, this set up is just a second set of eyes.

Initial evaluation of Windows on a Mac: totally adequate.