Friday, June 4, 2010

Roadie loser

Today, on my way home, a hobo pushing his bike uphill called me a "roadie loser." I don't especially enjoy being called a loser by anyone, but it hurt because I've always felt a kinship with the cycling homeless. In Norfolk and Corpus I saw more in common with them than the general motoring public.

But here in Austin, there's so many cyclists that we can faction off in to the committed and the recreational, the poseurs, the lycra'd euro wannabies, the crunchy chic who pedal their pugs and farmer's market sprouts in front-mounted milk crates, thrashers and college kids and pannier-saddled commuters.

It's a good thing, of course, there being so many cyclists, but as more of us are rolling on two wheels instead of rolling up our windows, there will cease to be such a distinction between cyclists and motorists. We'll just be people, albeit much cooler people. Of course, I'll still be a roadie loser.