Friday, December 3, 2010

A memo

Dear Kim,

Attached are scans of checks and deposit slips from Friday. It was great getting all these checks. Randall said I could use some of the money for a candy bar, which I interpreted as pony. Sorry there's no money left, but you can borrow my pony. Really, I guess it's the firm's pony. I keep it tied to a moon tower with 3 dog leashes I tied together. During my lunch breaks I feed it almonds and macaroni and cheese and give it a large dish of water. I think it also eats the grass under the moon tower. I don't ride the pony myself because I am too heavy but the pony tows me and my friends behind it on our skateboards. I will get my friends to write thank-you letters to the firm to express gratitude for use of the pony. My friends are good at this and when you read their letters and understand their joy I think you will agree that the purchase of the pony was a wise investment and you won't want to fire me any more or call the thief police.

Just kidding. I deposited them Friday afternoon in the first commercial lane of the Guadalupe branch Frost Motor Bank. It was uneventful, which is why I made up the story about the pony. I made up the story about my friends because I wanted to pretend I had friends that would skateboard behind a pony with me. I made up the part about my friends being good at writing thank-you letters because I thought that even if I had cool, skateboarding friends, I would want them to also be good writers. And thankful.