Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zane Sterling Episode 3

[In case you missed 'em, here are episodes 1 and 2]

Zane Sterling's Director Giurisprudenza, Agostino Dall'Acqua (everyone on the force called him Dallas), had been a lieutenant in the financial investigations division. He was good at his job, so good he thought he was good at everyone else's job. He expressed this to his major one wintry Thursday morning in front of some junior troops. The arrogance could have been excused, after all it was mostly true; the insubordination in front of junior personnel was tougher to swallow, but Dallas would have been hard to replace and he closed more files than cops twice as long in the job; but this particular Thursday, the major hadn't had his morning cup of coffee. He was running late because his belt loop caught and ripped on a kitchen cabinet fixture. He had to iron a new pair of pants and by the time he was on the road he was in traffic and he could see a line at the counter of the coffee shop. Probably day traders or IT guys; all civilians looked alike to the major. So on this Thursday morning, as Dallas Agostino Dall'Acqua complained about funding and quotas and staffing and overtime and equipment, the major could only see a giant, whining kitchen cabinet fixture reaching out with his stainless steel fingers to rip every damn belt loop in the major's life.

That afternoon, Dallas was transferred to the mounted division, the aluminum and rubber mounted division. That was 8 years ago; 4 years before he met Zane Sterling; and 7 years, 10 months, and 2 weeks before he bought the hair salon.