Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zane Sterling Episode 4

[Here are episodes 1, 2, and 3]

Technically, the transfer to the Bike Squad was a demotion, but Agostino didn't see it that way. He was relieved to be outside, away from his computer, and back with people. He made few arrests, but even fewer screw-ups and soon found himself again in a leadership position, which was unfortunate for Agostino. The Bike Squad operated out of a series of connected rooms that had been converted from storage for the motor pool. It wasn't the bad light, the window-less cinder block walls, or the lack of air conditioning, but the seclusion that Agostino couldn't stand. He didn't work well alone, behind a desk hidden in a storage closet. Less than a month in his new office and Agostino started spending all his spare time looking for a way out.

He soon found it at 856 Fairfax Street, suite number 4. As far as strip malls go 856 Fairfax was, well, it was still a strip mall. But it had a lot of foot traffic, and number 4 had a lot of lady foot traffic. In Financial Investigations Division, Dallas never found time to find some one, never found time to date, or to even try. Bumped down to Bike Squad, he suddenly had more time than anything else. He got the idea to buy a salon watching the Bravo network and found the salon at number 4, Impressions, after calling on some of his old almost-friends in Finance Division. Impressions had had a series of shady owners, before this current one. She was on the up-and-up, a former stylist herself, who gave in to an entrepreneurial seizure and bought the place with all her savings ran it on credit cards. Dallas offered cash and to take care of the building and the business, freeing up Cristina to manage her stylists and take care of her customers. In return, Dallas could keep his office and his bike in the salon and share the receptionist.

He traded on what few favors he was owed in the department, asked for a few more and soon, the entire Bike Squad was taking their pedaling orders from 856 Fairfax Street, suite number 4. If you needed to reach the head of Bike Squad you'd just call Impressions Salon and ask Denise to transfer you to Dallas. She was more than happy to oblige because, you see, Denise was in love with Dallas.