Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zane Sterling Episode 5: It gets real

[Here are episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4]

911: 911 Dispatch. What's your emergency.
Caller: We've just been robbed and my partner was shot. We need help.

"Sterling, are we going to talk about this note? Sterling. Zane, are you listening? What are we going to do about Boise's note?"
"Not much we can do. Seems to me the man's made up his mind."

911: Sir, where are you?
Caller: I'm in front of the New Ghent Bank at the old power plant. The shooter...he just rode off.

Zane's mechanic ran across the downtown street, jumping over bumpers and sliding across hoods, to the taco stand where Zane and Dallas were finishing lunch. He carried a radio in one hand and a bright red messenger bag with the first aid cross emblazoned on the flap in the other. "Zane! There was a robbery at the New Ghent. Someone shot the armored truck driver and rode off on a bike. Denise says they want you deliver these supplies to the scene and then pursue the suspect."

911: Help is on the way Sir. Until they get there I need you to stay on the line, okay Sir. I'm going to tell you what to do to help your partner.

Zane finished his own taco and put Dallas' in his jersey pocket. He slung the medical kit over his shoulder, cinched and buckled the straps, and clipped in. He was in the drops and out of the saddle, sprinting between the idling columns of all-day traffic when he heard his mechanic yelling, "And Zane. They think it's Phillips Boise."