Friday, August 19, 2011

Glory days

My high school football coach (I was the starting freshman squad b-team fullback) always told us he didn't care how many yards we gained on the play, only how many yards we gained after the first hit. Thursday night's crit brought back those glory days on the grid iron.

With only a lap and a half to go, two riders locked up and took out nearly half the field. I was behind the pile up and couldn't slow down fast enough to avoid the jacknifing bike frames in front of me. Besides, skidding to a stop only invites the twenty guys behind you to roll right over your back. So I picked a line, shouldered through the crowd, and burned half my matchbook to catch the pack again.

You can see the crash at about 10 seconds in, and me squeezing out the left side of the screen at about 18 seconds to rejoin the pack.

video courtesy DL Hurlbert