Saturday, March 24, 2012

13th loser

I got 14th in today's Ronde von Manor, which, if you do the math, and I have, is only 13 places away from 1st! So naturally, I'm pretty pleased with my just-off-the-podium finish today.

Of course I forgot my sunscreen, though, so right now my arms, neck, and face look like an over-honked clown nose. I look like a lobster and a lobster had a baby, that grew up and got sunburned. I'm so red, Jack Roland Murphy tried to steal me. I'm so red, Glen Beck and Ann Coulter are co-authoring a book about why I'm dangerous. I look like Diane Vreeland used me to decorate her Park Avenue apartment. I'm so red, red wine drinks me for it's heart.

Time to clean up so I can do it all over again tomorrow. Not the sunburn part, or the 14th place part, but the racing part.