Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tonight I'm going East to race

Georgetown's Grand and McKinney's Bike the Bricks were my mid-season A-races. I'm not gunning for anything big again until September, so I thought I'd rest the legs a bit, take some time off and build back up slowly.

But here it is Thursday again and the Driveway's featuring the championship loop, my favorite. And I decided that, for every time I wasn't able to race, for every time I won't be able to race, and for the simple fact that right now I'm good enough to race, tonight I'm going East to race. And race my heart out.

Young Blood -- The Naked and Famous
So Good -- B.o.B.
Magic (Feat. Rivers Cuomo) -- B.o.B.
Take It All Away -- Owl City
Good Life -- One Republic