Sunday, November 4, 2012

Site Launches!

Last week I had the privilege of launching two new Shopify sites: P.O.S.H. Chicago, designed by Brad and Meg at Ghostly Ferns with original illustrations by Joel and Ashley at This Paper Ship.

And Lindsay Letters, designed by Margot Harrington, with illustrations provided by the client.

Both were Aeolidia projects with super talented designers and great clients.

Both projects also called for rich product narratives and customizations that required displaying the product content in multiple tabs(like with Lindsay's Gilded Greetings and P.O.S.H.'s Vintage Silver). This is difficult in Shopify because there's only a single field in which to enter this content. It was a fun challenge to display the content from a single field in tabs and to make it easy for the client to add and update that content. I'll follow up with a future post explaining how I set this up.

For now, enjoy browsing both these fun shops. And don't forget to check out Lindsay's Auld Lang Syne print and P.O.S.H.'s Donut Mug. Also, I had no idea where the term "posh" came from (Port Out Starboard Home).