Friday, January 18, 2013

Shopify Wish List [coding post]

With some help from Zoe, I just finished work on a tidy little wish list for Shopify.

It uses the customer.tags variable and because it’s a non-app solution, I’m only adding values to that array. What does this mean? Well, even when customers are removing items from their wishlist, they’re actually adding values to their customer account tags (see attached screenshot).

This isn’t really that big a deal — the customer won’t ever see it, but you know, it’s a hack. If a customer went nuts with the adding/removing/re-adding of wish list items it can add tons of values to the customer.tags array, but the store owner could always go in and clean up. It shouldn’t affect anything. Some apps (like wholesale apps) add a value like “wholesale” to the customer tags, but this shouldn’t interfere with the wish list functioning or vice versa.

The customer can add, remove, and re-add items to their wish list. And they can email the entire wish list to someone and they can add items to their cart directly from the wish list. They have to create an account, but they don’t have to be a customer yet. However, purchasing an item does not remove it from your wish list.

It’s super flexible for styling or locating to anywhere within the template so designers should have a lot of freedom using it.