Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why we bought the new iPhone 6 [a coding post]

Lauren and I wanted to upgrade our phones. We didn't need new phones, but it's good for us to use the actual devices our clients use and what our client's customers use.

For testing, I spend a lot of time on my crossbrowsertesting account and in the google chrome emulator. But less so every day. There's nothing like testing with the real thing. iOS and Android render, function, and interact differently than emulated or framed iOS and Android. But more importantly, we need to be designing and building with the user experience on that device in mind, rather than just troubleshooting after it's already designed and built.

So we went to the store and looked at the array of new phones. The Samsung and LG were awesome phones and we seriously considered getting them instead of the new iPhones. But we decided to think it over.

We got home from the store and, mostly out of curiosity, looked up our clients' site analytics. We wanted to know what their customers were using. We'd read statistics that said Android has 80% of global smartphone market share and something like 60% in the US. It made sense, then, to go with Android to use what our clients and their customers were using.

But the analytics told an entirely different story.

We were seeing that Android users made up less than 5% of our client's customers traffic. And iOS users made up nearly 90% of traffic. We looked at site after site and found the same results across markets and ecommerce and information sites.

Here's an artist's ecommerce device statistics:

Barely over 2% from Android and over 89% from iOS. Makes me wonder why I bother testing for the Android devices.

We found the same results across all our client's ecommerce sites:

Here is another artist and two shops selling homegoods:

Of course, many of our ecommerce clients have design-focused boutique shops, so lopsided figures favoring Apple was to be expected, but we found the same results across industries. Here's a health care information site:

And here's two information sites for local service providers:

I figured there would be a clear winner; I just didn't expect it to be so extremely lopsided.