Friday, October 21, 2016

How to roadtrip

Lauren and I have a foolproof method for roadtripping and staying fresh. We switch off every hour. Even if the driver feels alert, we find it's safer and more enjoyable to keep switching off.

It goes something like this. I always drive first while Lauren keeps me company. We'll talk about our business and big plans on the horizon. An hour flies by in what seems like only a few minutes and we'll pull over at a Starbucks for Lauren's first shift.

I usually get a treat for myself too. Then we're back on the road. Within minutes I'm asleep. No matter how much coffee was in that little treat, it's the sleep of the dead for me. I start to drool. I get the drool everywhere, on my shirt, in the seat stitching, the door handle; it gets in the cd player. I basically drool through the entire hour. Lauren's probably playing a podcast and will usually run over the hour to catch the end of it. And besides, I look so peaceful there in my slobber. Finally, though, it's time for a switch.

A quick swap on an exit ramp and I'm back in the driver's seat. Lauren starts to tilt her seat back, but not so fast. I've got some big ideas and somebody needs to hear them. This is a great opportunity for Lauren to hear how my opinions have evolved on transportation infrastructure, the size of the military, how the wealth gap is manifesting itself in various sports, and my predictions for upcoming elections.

All that talking typically wears me out in about 30 minutes so we pull over for a nap. If we're in a time crunch, Lauren'll pull one for the team and start her shift early. This part is a blur for me because I usually curl up in the back seat with a fleece blanket and travel pillow. I tend to wake up about half an hour from our destination. Just enough time for me to take care of the tricky bit.

No matter where we're headed, it typically never feels like more than a couple hours and I always arrive refreshed.